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We offer services that will help you to get the best deals through HSN. These marketing agreements will put your products in front of millions of consumers around the world, often leading to a significant increase in leads and sales, even outside of those networks.

HSN Representative

Choosing to sell through networks like HSN and QVC can mean a significant investment in marketing and commercial relations. This investment is not only represented by a fiscal value, but by the time it takes to build relationships and promote product lines. When your company wants to expand brand reach by positioning products in front of millions of viewers, an HSN representative is critical to help you achieve those goals.

An HSN representative who is comfortable with all of the major home shopping networks will allow you to focus on developing and manufacturing your products, without having to allocate additional resource towards sales and marketing.

Why Sell Products Through HSN?

The Home Shopping Network covers thousands of products from kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners, to karaoke machines and even jewelry. HSN reaches an estimated 100 Million viewers worldwide, which makes it the perfect place to engage your market.

The Challenges of the HSN Sales Model

Manufacturers choose HSN as a distribution channel because it’s a great way to sell a product, however a number of manufacturers find it hard to make time to interact with the various HSN representatives, while navigating complex operational structures. Field sales representatives rarely have the time to learn the vast network of brokers, representatives, agents, and other third parties within the HSN environment.

How Outsourcing Your HSN Representative Can Help Your Business

By giving you back the time spent on marketing your products, your business will be able to better focus on delivering the best products that can be made. The HSN representatives at 6ideas are brokers who can facilitate negotiations and agreements with the largest shopping networks, and will do so in a way that represents your company positively and professionally.

Our business model relies on your success, so your interests are always put first. Outsourcing your interactions with networks like HSN will expand your distribution channels and strengthen your brand. Choosing a partner like us as your HSN Representative will ensure that you can meet your goals, with as little disruption to your core business as possible.

Talk to us today to discover our available packages, and find out how we can help you to increase sales and take your business to the next level.

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